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 Magic: Endgame

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With the sudden disappearance of the planeswalkers and a collision of the planes, Ravnica and most of the major civilizations are in an uproar. The stability they were once accustomed to has been uprooted, and even the guildpact in Ravnica is straining to break. The Azorius suspect the Dimir of conspiracy, the Rakdos and the Selesnya are in a bitter spat, and even the Boros are reaching a peak in their righteous anger. New mages, soldiers, and sorcers are being trained on all sides in preparation for a world-shaking war, and even a few explorers are being sent to the now-connected planes in search of powerful war-changing artifacts and spells. Yet while the guilds and major groups are preparing for an all out war, they seem to be forgetting something. Whatever caused the planeswalkers to disappear and the planes to connect in the way that they probably still out there.

You as the players can play a vital role in deciding how the adventure plays out. Will you take part in the Ravnican Guildwar? Will you search for the answers on the Collision of The Multiverse and the death of the planeswalkers? Will you try to unite the guilds once again to combat the oncoming threat? Or will you gather enough magic or power to make yourselves into the new planeswalkers? Your actions will decide.

Now the world of Magic is a very expansive once, doubly so now that all of the major planes have been connected. If you wish to conduct your required reading on the planes, go here: . If you want to become or start as a member of a guild, here are your 10 options below.

* * *

Boros (red-white): The Boros Legion believed in a higher law—one in which righteousness is fire, and justice the light that shines from it. Led by the angel Razia, the Boros were Ravnica's most formidable military force, and the enforcers of its laws.

Selesnya (green-white): "Once you are with us, you are an equal among us. Until then, you are lost," said the wolfrider evangel Tolsimir, an agent of the Selesnya Conclave. The Conclave thought itself a selfless, nurturing, spiritual congregation, but others regarded it as a brainwashing nature cult.

Golgari (black-green): The Golgari believed you can't truly live until you die. With its vast horde of undead that served as both standing army and labor force, the Golgari operated in Ravnica's undercity, slowly taking over abandoned and derelict areas like a fetid slime mold.

Dimir (blue-black): House Dimir was so secretive that only some knew that it even existed. Over the millennia, ghost stories about the Dimir grew more and more complex, telling of ancient, undead necromancer-advisors, phantasmal assassins, and slick, black horrors slithering through the endless maze of sewers under the city.

Orzhov (white-black): To find the Orzhov, the saying went, follow the gold. The so-called Guild of Deals was a rigid hierarchy with the wealthy ghost-patriarchs ruling from the top and countless indentured servants forming the base. Holding this fragile social order in place was a veneer of religious pomp and ritual, though few believed the Orzhov worship any god other than coin.

Gruul (red-green): The Gruul Clans celebrated base urges and lived by instinct, considering all of civilization to be an elaborate cage that suppresses desire. Once a powerful guild, the Gruul were an assemblage of beggars, gangs, and raiding parties, with the largest of their gangs led by the cyclops Borborygmos.

Izzet (blue-red): The undisputed masters of spellcraft and invention on Ravnica, the Izzet were rabid inventors, fusing elemental magics with technology to power their creations. Led by the capricious and unfathomably brilliant dragon Niv-Mizzet, the Izzet magewrights endlessly created and destroyed, driven only by rabid passion for discovery.

Azorius (white-blue): The Azorius Senate was the primary origin of all laws on Ravnica. The Azorius believed that their rigid system of governance kept nearly everything on Ravnica running smoothly. Justice is blind, and that included the guild's venerable Grand Arbiter, Augustin IV, who some say was blind to Ravnica's most significant problems.

Rakdos (black-red): The Cult of Rakdos was a thrill-killing, pleasure-seeking cabal led by the ancient demon Rakdos. Even as a force of chaos, the Rakdos were a resource for the law-abiding guilds; when the denizens of Ravnica needed an obstacle removed or an unsavory client entertained, the minions of Rakdos were happy to oblige.

Simic (green-blue): Amidst the chaos of Ravnican politics and strife, the researchers of the Simic Combine worked industriously to improve their world. The Simic were charged with maintaining nature on Ravnica. In ever stranger ways, the Simic "modified" nature so it could survive on a world increasingly blanketed under civilization.

* * *

To better ease the group in, while you can be of any plane you desire (within reason), we'll start the adventure in Ravnica. The players don't have to know each other, and may participate in any such adventure they desire. I will control the environment and the NPCs.

To begin whilst away from the group, simply create a thread in Everything else with whatever title you want (preferably with your name in brackets so I know what player it is) and put up an introductory post. From there, the environment and NPCs will be controlled by me, and should you so happen to cross paths with another player (or all of them), new threads will be made where the two of you act and participate.

Other than that, just send me questions and I'll answer them. Good luck.
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Magic: Endgame
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