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 Magic: Endgame

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The Family God

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PostSubject: Magic: Endgame   Magic: Endgame EmptyWed Oct 09, 2013 7:49 pm

Dominant Mana:
Spells/powers known:
Personality (optional):
Backstory (optional):
Plane of Origin:

How card powers work

*   *   *

Striking powers

Power and toughness: Relative explanations of your strength, skill, endurance, ability to dish out and take damage. 1 being basic, 2 being more adept, 3 highly experienced or strong, and 4 and up ever more increasing levels.
First strike: This adds to the likelihood that you will score a hit before the enemy can scratch you. It doesn't add to your defence or vitality, but helps keep the enemy at bay.
Vigilance: This adds a higher level of defence that makes you more aware of openings in your armour when striking. It reduces the chances of your enemy scoring a counter-attack.
Lifelink: Having this ability means that doing damage will heal your wounds in battle.
Double-strike: This power allows you to aim more consecutive attacks at your target.
'x'walk: Grants specific bonuses based on environment and what 'x' is.
Intimidate: This makes you a much more fearsome target on the battlefield, debilitating the defenses and strength of enemies that don't share a colour with you. White usually scare by radiant energy, Black through dark energy, Red through ferocity, Blue through secrecy and mystery, and Green through power or size.
Tap powers: To 'tap', you have to ready the power like a spell before activating it.
Gaining +X/+X: Speaking relatively, this changes your strength, size, and/or vitality for a short time.
+1/+1 counters: This grants a similar stat buff, but extends the duration to roughly 2 hours.
Damage to a player: Any power that targets or benefits a player are triggered when targeting/damaging major enemies or allies, such as commanders, other PCs, or bruisers.
Exclusive to denizens of Kamigawa
-Bushido: Gain a subjective benefit when dealing with generic creatures
-Ninjutsu: Ability to switch-teleport with a willing rabble ally.

Spell effects

You can use any valid M:TG sorceries, instants, enchantments, and potentially even creature spells. These are how the effects transfer:

Destroy: Relative to spell, but generally involve killing, demolishing, or breaking depending on the target. (Ex. Murder, which says "Destroy target creature", instantly kills one rabble enemy)
Sacrifice (self): Caster has to personally destroy/kill a creature/artifact/plot of land from their side, usually to complete the spell
Sacrifice (target) Subject is compelled to destroy/kill a creature/artifact/plot of land on their side.
Permanents: Still the same, although here Lands are plots of land rather than huge expanses.
Draw a card: Add a readied spell to your 'hand'.
Discard a card: Lose a readied spell from your 'hand'.
Mill: Wisps of knowledge or written text are lost and disappear into the aether. Based on number, subject either loses a certain amount of text from a spellbook or temporarily loses knowledge of a spell.
-X/-X: Subject loses a subjective vitality and strength based on the number
Spawning tokens: Temporarily summon rabble to the field allied to you.

How they work

Mages start with a spell of their dominant mana colour(s). They start with 1 inborn mana (2 for guildmages) and can gain more through the environment, single use reagents, or when they level up their magic.

Inborn mana: Everyone has 1 inborn mana of 1 colour (relative to their creature type and origin, so no Merfolk with red mana), which is the mana they can call upon at any time with minimal effort.

Environmental mana: Environments around the player can be used to draw in mana for spells. Obviously it depends on what is around the player as to what mana they draw in.

Mana through reagents: Single use devices that can grant a quick boost of mana, but expire after use.

Your Hand

Here your hand is your readied spells. You can automatically ready up a series of 7 spells after a rest, and can ready a new one every 30 seconds, but can't ready any more than 7. Any extras have to be discharged in the next 5 seconds or they're lost. A readied spell does still require mana to be cast, but it is the prerequisite to cast.
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The Family God
The Family God

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PostSubject: Re: Magic: Endgame   Magic: Endgame EmptyWed Oct 09, 2013 7:58 pm

Example creature (yes, he will exist somewhere)

Name: Peter "The Copymaker"
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Dominant Mana: Blue
Spells/Powers known: A mythic rare spell called "Propagate" in which he spawns a copy of himself that only knows how to cast his previous spell as well as Propagate. These copies are permanent, share his memories, and are in all respects an exact copy of Peter. Thankfully, they all know who they spawned from and have no issues knowing they aren't the "Original Peter"
Equipment:Simple robes.
Personality: Very eccentric and random, most of his sanity having broken apart from recent history. He still retains most of his composure, but has a very different view of the world from everyone else. Very intent on improving himself and his environment, he does all he can to improve himself and his environment.
Backstory: Having put himself and his copies to work in the industries of Ravnica, Peter quickly rose to a mild reputation in Ravnican businesses and construction groups. While not many companies have a Peter hired, they're still well-known for what they are and what they do. The Peters may seem autonomous, yet not one of the ones currently working in Ravnica know of the "The Copymaker's" whereabouts.
Plane of Origin: Ravnica
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PostSubject: Character: Garshk   Magic: Endgame EmptyTue Oct 15, 2013 9:26 pm

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Dominant Mana: Red and Green
Spells/powers known: Ground Assault
Equipment: Traditional Gruul mages cloak
Personality: Rash, Quick, Gullible, Witty, Reasonable
Backstory: As a young boy, Garshk was taught to hate the city-folk from everywhere, because they ruined what our land used to be. The clan wanted nothing but to take back what was natures, and burn the cities to the ground. As for Garshk, he was different. He wanted to learn from everything they had, take in what he could, and learn from what they've done. He decided at the age of 12 that he would run from his clan, and visit this city, seeing as there was nobody stopping him. Leaving the rubblebelt was an odd thing for a Gruul clan member, but not rare. On his way he met many people, elves, and even centaur who left home in search of a city. Along the way he managed to see the elusive, yet powerful rubblehulk, appropriately named from the region it hails. Thankfully he did not incur it's wrath, lest he be not alive today. When he reached a city in Ravnica, wheren he was taken in and taught the ways of the civilization, and taught of magics until the age of 30, wheren he sought his way back to the clan he once called home, only to find it dead, killed in one of the many clan wars, seemingly years ago. He then seamlessly wandered the land, back to Ravnica, seeking help or comfort from this distress, and there he stayed until his current age, where he left home in search of a meaning to his little life.
Plane of Origin: Ravnica (unofficially)
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PostSubject: Re: Magic: Endgame   Magic: Endgame Empty

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Magic: Endgame
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